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A Secluded Haven in the Adriatic

Šolta Island Villas by Brown Hotels


Only half an hour cruising from Split, Croatia, Šolta Island Villas offer a true sanctuary in a paradisal surrounding, right in the enchanting Nečujam area on the picturesque island of Šolta. Your true luxury villa, focuses on seclusion, providing an unforgettable private summer sojourn.


Where opulence meets nature

Imagine waking up each day to the breathtaking views of the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea, surrounded by the pristine beauty of the Mediterranean landscape. This dream can become your reality at the exclusive island villa resort in the enchanting Nečujam area on the picturesque island of Šolta. With an exceptional location, modern design, and top-notch amenities, these island villas are a perfect choice for those seeking the ultimate island living experience.


Nestled on a 6,259 sqm seafront plot, this ambitious project consists of seven modern villas that effortlessly blend elegance, luxury, and contemporary design. Designed with discerning homeowners and vacationers in mind, these villas meet the highest standards of quality and style. With a legally valid building permit in place, construction has already begun, ensuring that your dream home on the tranquil island of Šolta will soon become a reality.

As a resident of this exquisite villa resort, you will enjoy a variety of world-class amenities tailored to enhance your island living experience. From state-of the-art smart home technology to energy-efficient systems, each villa is designed to cater to the needs of the most demanding homeowner. The resort also offers access to private boat moorings, ensuring that exploring the Adriatic Sea and its surrounding islands is always within easy reach. 

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The Island of Šolta
The Emperor's Retreat


The Island of Šolta

The Island of Šolta is situated near Split, and, with only 9 nautical miles of distance and 6 ferry lines and 1 speedboat line per day during the season between them, has become practically a suburb of Split. Swap the perpetually crowded roads leading to cramped city beaches for a ferry ride, cool down on its deck and, in less than an hour, arrive at a destination with crystal clear sea, numerous pebble beaches and idyllic sceneries. Tanned, salty and calm, leave the beach and head over to one of the numerous family-run farms of the island, and learn the art of making oil, wine and honey.

The region of Nečujam

Nečujam is situated in the northern part of the island, just 9 miles from Split. It is located in the biggest bay on Šolta and is the island's youngest settlement, gravitating towards the central beach overlooked by a large apartment resort, owing to which Nečujam used to be one of the most famous destinations on the Adriatic coast before the 1990s.

Its tranquillity and green vistas inspired some of Croatia's greatest poets, namely Marko Marulić and Petar Hektorović. The house where Marko Marulić was staying still stands in the very centre of the village.

The construction of contemporary weekend houses and a tourist resort has turned Nečujam into a modern tourist destination; however, one thing has remained unchanged through the centuries: its name. Its Latin name Vallissurda or the Deaf Bay stems from the very size of the Nečujam bay, where any sound gets muffled and turned into a whisper. Beautiful beaches on both sides of the bay and in the coves, and a long seafront promenade will enchant you any time of the year.

The astonishing nature is what makes this place a true paradise.

The Team


Step into a realm where excellence knows no bounds, where innovation and sophistication intertwine to shape a living experience like no other. Crafted by the visionary minds of Solta Island Villas, this project stands as a testament to their commitment to redefine luxury living. Marketed by the prestigious Christie's, a legacy of timeless refinement finds its essence here, captivating those with a discerning taste. The creative brilliance of Brown Hotels breathes life into every detail, curating an experience that harmoniously blends artistry and modernity.


Together, this exceptional team shapes a new standard of living, inviting you to explore a symphony of distinct luxury that transcends expectations.

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