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The Team


At the heart of this visionary endeavor stands a team united by an unwavering commitment to excellence. Developed by the visionary minds of Solta Island Villas, this project emerges as a testament to our dedication in crafting living spaces that transcend expectations. Marketed by the prestigious Christie's, the essence of timeless elegance finds its voice, captivating discerning individuals seeking unparalleled luxury. The design, concept, and management, masterfully orchestrated by Brown Hotels, breathe life into this dream, ensuring every detail reflects innovation and sophistication.


Together, this remarkable team weaves a tapestry of artistry, innovation, and expertise, creating a harmonious symphony of distinct living that redefines the very notion of modern elegance.

A triad of excellence

Solta Island Villas' Development, Christie's Exclusive Marketing,
and Brown Hotels' Creative Mastery
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Brown Hotels is an international boutique hotel collection, rooted in devotion to service, design, innovation, style and authenticity. Its hotels evolved out of the desire to create dwellings that not only show tourists the real culture and creativity of the city's youthful population, but also to expand the nightlife and neighbourhood joints for locals. Brown Hotels strive to make each of its hotels unique, independent and imbued with a true sense of place. 


Brown Hotels take pride in being recommended by the world's leading international lifestyle, design and travel publications such as Vogue, Times, Wallpaper, Travel and Leisure, Conde Nast Traveler, National Geographic, NY Times and more. 


The Brown Hotels Collection is developing rapidly around the world in desirable destinations in Israel (Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Eilat), Greece (Athens and Thessaloniki), Cyprus, Germany, the UK and more.

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Christie's International Real Estate Croatia is focusing on providing the highest quality and personalised home buying and selling service to clients on the real estate market of Croatia.


As a distinguished affiliate of Christie's International Real Estate, Christie's RE Croatia sets the gold standard for the real estate industry.


As a trusted real estate advisor on the regional market, the company is determined in maintaining a strict standard of excellence by demonstrating success in luxury property sales and by upholding the value of Christie's brand.

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